First Find a Successful Trade Opportunity
(Finding an Opportunity is THE Most Important Part!)

Then use the Huge Leveraged Advantage of Options to Make Money!

To make a lot of money on the Stock Market, first you need to find an opportunity to trade, then you need to have a money making strategy to apply to maximize the opportunity you have. As Tony Robbins once said "There is an opportunity of a lifetime in the stock market every month". This is mostly true, except that by applying the right tools and stock scans, it's more like Every Day!...
Below are the best teachers in the world in their chosen fields. In fact they are not just the best teachers, they are actually the best in the world at what they do... They also trade regularly, which is an ABSOLUTE prerequisite for anyone you want to listen to. There are many self proclaimed market callers and options specialists out there that NEVER place a single trade they recommend!

First Find The Money Making Opportunity!

David Elliott - (Voted best market caller in the world, not just one year but 2 years in a row, by Top Wall Street Experts, the US Investors Club!) I personally follow David's strategies and can now understand why I only had moderate success's and failures for a long time, and how people trading without this information are just basically "coin toss" gambling, or just guessing.

Then use the Huge Leverage Advantage of Options

Ron Ianieri - (DELL specialist on the Stock Exchange floor when DELL was the Google of it's day!) There is no one in the world that knows more than Ron about Options. On 3 separate occasions he walked off the exchange floor over $1million better off than the day before. This is the sort of experience I for one wish to learn from.

As part of his strategies, Ron also teaches how to make money even if a stock doesn't go up or down, and how to protect yourself in any market conditions. Some of this stuff is absolutely unbelievable but totally true.

Grab a Grand
David Elliott
Grab a Grand

Wall Street Teachers
Your Success is how we measure ours!

David Steelsmith Elliott
has been a respected figure in the financial industry for more than 30 years. Twice voted World's #1 Market Timer by the international U.S. Investors' Club.

David Elliott

David Elliott has been a respected figure in the financial industry for more than 30 years. He has been a technical strategist since 1980 and has been licensed to teach investments on a university level. As a market strategist, he devotes the majority of his time to developing trading strategies for the financial well-being of his followers and students.

David has been a registered Commodity Broker and a certified Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA). He has been an arbitrator for the National Futures Association; has worked for Dean Witter, Paine Webber, Blythe Eastman Dillon, and Conti Commodities; and has managed and owned his own successful brokerage houses.

He has hosted two radio shows: "The Commodity Futures Update and Commentary," for two years at KING Radio in Seattle, and an interactive Internet Cyber Radio talk show, "The Millennium Countdown;" as well as being a featured guest on many financial talk-radio broadcasts. He has also been Associate Producer for two feature films on Y2K awareness, which were broadcast nationwide in late 1999.

His first book, Everyone's Guide to Making A MILLION DOLLARS on the Year 2000 Crash was published in 1998. He is currently authoring a book, Predictive Patterns for Profit; and is also the author of the VHS series, Beyond Theory - Applying Technical Analysis to the Bottom Line, and the very popular CD course, Advanced Equity Trading, which includes his market strategies S.O.A.P.(TM) - Served on a Platter; MOBO(TM) - Momentum Breakout Entry and Exit Triggers, FlatWaves(TM) - Market Direction Prediction; SnapBacks(TM) - New Highs and New Lows Indicator, and STAMP(TM) - Stochastics Amplified. He has also developed a software template incorporating these and other studies, which gives entry and exit points on all fractal time periods for the E-mini markets.

David has been a seminar speaker for twenty-six years, and has been invited to speak on the financial markets and technical analysis investment strategies to many diverse groups, most notably the Chicago Board of Trade and NAAIM, the National Association of Active Investment Managers, which includes roughly 200 member firms nationwide, managing an estimated $14 billion.

He derives his greatest satisfaction as a teacher, and his technical analysis classes, Advanced Equity Trading, and The Ultimate E-mini, comprised of his original strategies based on his many years of research, are well attended across the US and in Europe. His trading classes have been selected for "Readers Choice Awards" by the readers of Stock and Commodities Magazine. He also hosts "At Sea Seminars," offering advanced market-trading classes while cruising in the Caribbean and Mediterranean Seas.

He is known to many for sharing his experience and insights through his free daily emails via the Yahoo Investment Club, Mentor Center, and his free daily live voice chats via his First Wave Club, the largest chat club on Worden Brothers' TCnet; and he has been twice voted World's #1 Market Timer by the international U.S. Investors' Club

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David Elliott's
Served On A Platter

The SOAP pattern identifies the high probability of price tops and bottoms on any time period. It is useful in eliminating false buy and sell signals.

David Elliott's
Momentum Breakouts

Price momentum breakouts give us buy and sell signals.

David Elliott's
Moving Average Patterns

Predictable price behaviors occur around the four major moving averages.

David Elliott's

Elliott Flat Waves

The indicator that give you tomorrow's Wall Street Journal today!

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Grab a Grand

Grab a Grand

Money Pile

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